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Lecture 23

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PSYC 2400
Adelle Forth

Lecture 23- Multiple Murders, Serial Killers, Psychopaths Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 1888- Jack the Ripper o One of the first known serial killers—killed 5-7 prostitutes in England o Because of wounds, thought it was surgeon o Someone sent note into media—signed Jack the Ripper o **HINT RELATED TO EXAM BONUS QUESTION**  Had a ferret who climbed up woman’s trousers  JACK THE NIPPER - Final exam o Tuesday, April 19—9am-noon o Alumni Hall o Rows 1-17 o Won’t let you in after 30 minutes - Format o Weeks 6-12 o Up to Thursday o **Don’t need to know about youth offenders, or Aboriginal offenders, just the female offenders part of Ch. 13 o Includes both guest lectures (desistance and female offenders)  At least 5 questions directly from Caleb’s lectures  Some of Shelley’s stuff was from textbook, but also covered other information not from textbook o 90 multiple choice o 1 bonus question - Need to do Quiz 4 ASAP - Types of Multiple Murderers: Mass Murderer o **Need to know what’s similar and what’s different among these murderers o Defining features  Kill three or more victims (same with spree and serial)  NO COOLING OFF PERIOD (unique to mass murderer)  In same general area (defines mass in comparison to serial killing, although some spree killers kill in the same general area) o Two types  Classic • Kill acquaintances or unrelated victims (driven by anger, hostility) • Ex. Marc Lepine—at l’Ecole Polytechnique, killed 14 female engineering and computer science students  Family • Kill entire family, sometimes call family gathering and kill everyone - Pictures of mass murderers o Middle: Marc Lepine o Upper left: Columbine shooters, 1999, killed 12 students and teachers o Upper right: Virginia Tech murder, killed 32, 2007 o Bottom right: Hasim, killed 13—the only one who did not get killed/commit suicide o Bottom left: Patrick Sherril, in 1986—was going to be fired from US postal job—didn’t want to be fired, was depressed, angry, frustrated—next day, killed 14—“going postal” o **Typically depressed, frustrated, often very angry, hostile, loners, see themselves as failure compared to others (Lepine), socially isolated o **Want to target the workplace/individuals that they think mistreated them - Spree Murderer o Andrew Cunanan seems to be the best prototype o Defining features  Kills 3 or more victims  No cooling off period (like mass murderer)  KILLINGS OCCUR AT TWO ORE MORE LOCATIONS  LINKED TO SINGLE EVENT • Ex. Someone goes to bank, someone tries to stop him, he shoots that person, cops follow, he shoots them, there’s foot chase, etc. • But Andrew Cunanan was on the run for 3 months, wasn’t just constantly killing • Killed 5 individuals—started in San Francisco, killed some people there, moved across the States, killing as he went • The most famous individual he killed was Versace (in Miami) • Ran away, got to a yacht, he committed suicide o Other example: BA in history, very intelligent, conflicted about homosexual tendencies  First people he killed were wealthy, older men whom he was having sexual relationships with and getting money from  Then there were people he didn’t know - Serial Murderers o 3 or more killings o Different locations (sort of similar to the spree) o COOLING OFF PERIOD  Jeffrey Dahmer waited 4 years between killings, then killed more regularly  Some serial killers kill once, have delay, and then continue and the time between killings gets shorter and shorter o USUALLY SOLITARY, USUALLY TARGETS STRANGERS o Should motive matter??  At FBI conference: whether terrorists should be considered serial killers  Kalinsky (mafia hitman) killed between 100 and 200 individuals. He’s called the Ice Man because he’s very cold, unemotional, callous, he’s the prototypical example.  Lived a double life—was married with 2/3 children—supposedly, the wife and children had no idea that he was making money by killing. He’d say he had business meeting, would come back with thousands of dollars, wife would just assume these were business deals.  Started off just shooting in the forehead (fastest way), but then he decided to torture and try other methods.  Prototypical psychopaths especially in terms of affective domain o **Deciding whether to include them as serial killers—they meet the criteria o Characteristics  25-40 (get captured)  Mostly male (83%)  Majority white (73%)  Victims: young, tend to be female, unrelated, vulnerable (easy to prey upon)—but you can always find exceptions  Killings tend to be within same race  Tend to act alone—although, again, there are exceptions o Geographic variation  Geographically transient (state to state, province to province)— 35% • More difficult to detect • We’ve developed VICLAS (in States, VICLAP) to try and capture these  Geographically stable—55% • Green Ripper Killer in Seattle • Pick up victims in the strip, take them to certain areas around Seattle parks and the Green River (same geographical area)  Place-specific—10% • Robert Pickton • Always took victims to same location, always killed them there • Angels of death who kill in hospitals o **Map by FBI  Red dots: dead bodies dumped  They think there are long haul truckers picking up individuals (hitchhikers, prostitutes) along truck stops, killing them, and dropping them along interstates  Going to each trucking company, trying to look at each person’s routes—to find the trucker and hone in on him  Has been going on since 2005-2006 - Male vs. female serial killers o Prior Criminal History  Male: yes  Female: no o Accomplice  Male: 25%  Female: 50% o Murder method  Male: 5% poison only, 47% shooting  Female: 35% poison only, 21% shooting o Murder motive  Male: mostly sexual (55%), 26% money  Female: mostly money (74%), 10% sexual o Victim type  Male: 1% family  Female: 50% family (tend to target closest) o Geographic type  Male: stable (Richway)  Female: place specific (which makes sense if you kill relative) - Classification of serial killers o 6 types based on motive o 110 serial killer files o Looked to see if they could identify similar motives—identified 6 o **NEED TO STUDY THE MOTIVES AND CLASSIFY** o 1) Visionary type  Very rare, mostly men  Psychotic (auditory hallucinations, delusions, etc.)  Kill in response to psychotic episode  Act-focused (blitz-like killing)  Target-random victims (all of a sudden, told to kill and they kill)  Ex. Herbert Mullin—13 homicides in Santa Cruz, California • Told there would be huge earthquake, to stop it he had to kill • So he did • And he thought he stopped the earthquake o 2) Mission-oriented type  Rare, mostly men  Motivation  Mission to eliminate certain group of individuals (ethnic group, minority group, etc.)  See this group as unworthy to be members of society, take it on themselves to cleanse the world of these individuals (usually)  Act-focused (don’t get gratification from the process of killing)  Planned, not a random victim (targeting specific type)  Ex. Beoria Simmons • Social worker in Louisville • Decided that many problems in his town were due to prostitutes—immoral, corrupting men • Took it upon himself to start killing them • **They are often targeted by serial killers • But he thought it would make the city a better place o 3) Lust-Oriented type  Much more common, mostly men  Sexual gratification motivation  Fusion between sexual gratification and homicide  Tend to have high numbers of victims  Process of killing is arousing for them  Torture, post-mortem mutilation, necrophilia, etc.  Often strong deviant sexual fantasies  Ex. John Gacy—33 homicides—offered boys a job with construction company, pick up from bus stop, torture and murder, bury under his house.  Typically, if you pick up from one location, kill in another location, and bury in another location, will have body count go up higher and higher o 4) Thrill-Oriented type  A little more common than lust-oriented  Mostly men  Get thrill from killing others, may or
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