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PSYC 2400
Kevin Nunes

Forensic PsychologyClass 1 Police PsychologyJanuary 10 2012Pynes JBernardin H J 1992 Entrylevel police selection selection The assessment The assessmentcenter is an alternative Journal of Criminal Justice 30 4152Purpose Evaluate predictive validity of an assessment center for police selectionParticipants 275 candidates for entrylevel police officer jobs 19821986 in a large US city All had passed a written exam medical examdrug screen polygraph background investigation and physical agility test and were hireProcedure Candidates were hired and then sent to the assessment centre Then they went to police academy and then officer position Performance in the assessment center had no bearing on the hiring decisions nor were any assessment center scores known to those who provided criterion data from the training academy or onthejob performance p 45Assessment Center Exercises Work simulations videoDomestic disturbanceHome owner complaintWitness probingIndividual Assessors Ratingsassessors rated candidates performance on exercises on 7 of 8 dimensions Perception decision making decisiveness direction others adaptability oral communications and interpersonal0 not observed to 7 outstanding13weak 4satisfactory 57above satisfactory performanceConsensus Ratings on Performance Dimensions Assessors discussed their ratings and arrived at a consensus rating for each candidate on dimensions except written communication For perception and decision making work simulation exercise video scores were averaged in with assessors ratingWritten Communicationwritten communication was rated by assessment centre staff based on evaluations of candidates incident reports Spelling grammar punctuation clarity and accuracyOverall Assessment Ratingseach candidates ratedas 1 less than accepp gtable 2 marginal or 3 acceptable based on the final performance ratings on all 8 dimension
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