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PSYC 2400
Kevin Nunes

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Forensic Psychology Class 2 Police InvestigationJanuary 17 2012Police InvestigationRussano M B Meissner C A Narchet F MKassin S S M 2005 Investigating true M 2005 Investigating trueand false confessions within a novel experimental paradigm Psychological Science 16 481486 Purpose Experimentally test effects of interrogation techniques on confession among guilty and innocent people among guilty and innocent people See how deals have an effect on confessionsParticipant330 undergraduate students70 womenDesign Experimentrandom assignment to condition can see what variable cased what 2 innocent vs guilty X 2minimization vs no minimization X 2 deal vs no deal betweensubjects factorial design people are in one condition only each variable has 2 levels confessions need to be voluntaryProcedureRecruited for study on individual versus team decision making and asked to solve logic problem deception is usually usedFemale confederateact like another participants however they are part of the study and know everything that is going on Problemsolving phaseTeam problems work togetherIndividual problems work individually and do not discuss solutionsGuilt Guilty ConditionsConfederate asked participant for help on individual problem 18 participants refused to help and were excluded from analyses Innocent condition Confederate did not ask for helpAccusation After completing problems experimenter blind to guilt condition accused participant of cheating Experimenter interrogated participant and asked himher to sign a statement admitting to sharing answerMinimization Minimization conditions Experimenter made statements that expressed sympathy and concern and offered facesaving excuses and suggested to participants that it was in their best interest to cooperate by signing the statement p 483 No minimization condition
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