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PSYC 2400
Kevin Nunes

Forensic PsychologyClass 3 DeceptionJanuary 24 2012Internal ValidityThe extent to which the independent variable rather than extraneous influences influences can account for the resultscan account for the results changes or group differences if your testing what you think you are testingExternal ValidityThe extent to which the results can be generalized or extended to persons settings times measures and settings times measures and characteristics other than those in this particular study Generalize to the populationGinton A Daie N Elaad EBenShakhar G 1982 A method method for evaluating the use for evaluating the use of the polygraph in a reallife situation Journal of Applied Psychology 67 131137PurposeExamine the accuracy of the Comparison Question polygraph test in a realistic situation Participants21 males serving in the Israeli police taking a police courseProcedureParticipants completed paperand pencil tests presented as aptitude tests as part of the police courseHidden chemical page under answer sheetAnswer sheet returned to participants to score their own testsCheating7 participants changed their answers while scoring their testsAll were offered chance to take polygraph test to clear their namesAll 21 participants initially agreed to take polygraph but only 27 guilty and 1314 innocent actually didOf the 5 guilty participants who did not take the polygraph 1 did not show up 1 refused and 3 confessed before taking it 1 innocent participant refused to take the polygraphPolygraphRespirationGalvanic skin response GSRCardiovascular activityPolygraph conducted in police laboratories by professional polygraphersPolygraphers were blind to guiltinnocence of participants researchers knew from beginning but polygraphers did not 3 examiners per polygraph test 1 conducted the entire interrogation and polygraph test
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