PSYC 2400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Jury Nullification, Decision Rule, Risk Assessment

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22 Apr 2016
Final Exam Review
Exam Coverage
Chapter 7-11
Lectures 7-12
Juries, Criminal Responsibility and Fitness
Offender Sentencing and Treatment
Risk Assessment
Exam Review
Review short answer questions on CU Learn
Review Quizzes
Review the Glossary of Terms (Chapter 7-11)
Look at bolded terms highlighted in the text book
Review the studies
Exam Format
40 multiple Choice questions
5 out of 7 short answer questions
o4 points each
Exam total: 60 points
2 bonus short answer questions
oWorth 3 bonus points in total
Jury Decision- Making (Chapter 7)
The right to a jury- textbook
Characteristics of a jury
oRepresentativeness, impartiality
Functions of a jury
Methods for studying jury-decision-making
- Interviewing jury members
Jury nullification
Methods of reducing juror bias
oAdjournment, venue, challenge for cause, etc.
Mathematical vs. explanation-based models of Jury Decision Making
Jury deliberation issues
oImpact of jury size
oJury decision rule
oLeniency bias
oEvidence-driven vs. verdict-driven
find more resources at
find more resources at
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