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Psyc 2500: Epigenetics, Teratogens, APGAR Scale, SIDS, Growth

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PSYC 2500
Monique Senechal

Class 3­ Developmental Psychology Structure of Essay: - Purpose: apply knowledge gained in class to examine the ideas presented in the talk you selected - Select 1 out of 10 TED talks in Ken Robinson’s playlist o Analyze it in light of what we’ve learned in class th - DUE: NOV. 18 - LENGTH: 10 pages, + references - WEIGHT: 30% o Intro: 1-2 pages  In depth description of the TED talk  Foreshadowing, framework that leads to analysis  Main ideas/issues/components – break it down  Secondary ideas/issues/components o Analysis: 5-6 pages  For each idea: • Theoretical standpoint • Aspects of development. • Evidence? Text book, lecture, use philosophers, other sources? • Provide insightful criticisms o Positive and negative insights o Conclusion: 1 page  Bringing it all together  What next?  Concluding remarks • Your own thinking - FORMAT: o Double- spaced o 12 pt times new roman o 2.5 cm margins all around o APA  Use Tip sheet from T.A. o NO QUOTES, paraphrase - GRADING: o Content  A coherent, well0organized, informative document. (ideas cant contradict eachother)  The info is well integrated and critically evaluated (link ideas together) o Style/format  Good sentence and paragraph structure, terms defined, no typos or grammatical errors Epigenetics: - - Eye color is determined by the degree of melamine, there is no longer theory of recessive/dominant single gene Chapter 3: Prenatal Development, Birth, and the Newborn From Conception to Birth: - Period of the Zygote (Week 1-2) o Fertilized ovary in fallopian tube - Period of the Embryo (Week 3-8) o Growth of body structure o End of 8 weeks you have what looks like a fetus, but not yet fully functional organs o Forms placenta- transmissions of nutrients from mom to baby o Amniotic sac, filled with amniotic fluid = amnion - Period of the Fetus (Week 9-38/42) o Genital organs formed by 3 months o Auditory organs fully formed *Habituate means they had experienced it before, habituation is like babies getting bored of the same thing from memory Vulnerabilities of the Organism: What can go wrong? General Risk Factors: - Nutrition o If mother is deficient on Folic acid in the period of the Zygote the fetus may develop spinadiphida  Try to educate mothers  Put vitamin B (folic acid) into everyday foods - Mother’s Age o Women’s eggs age with us o After 30 years of age, eggs start to get old and increases chances of miscarriage and having babies with Down Syndrome - Father’s age may also be an influence, some evidence being found Teratogens: environmental agents that can affect the genome (affect/transmit to developing zygote or fetus, or transmitted during delivery)
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