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Developmental Psychology-Ch 1 modules 1.3/1.4.docx

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PSYC 2500
Deepthi Kamawar

Developmental Psychology13Themes1Early development is related to later development but not perfectlyCan you tell what a kid will be like as an adult Continuity vs discontinuity Continuity they take the same path through developmentDiscontinuity they change and choose different pathsDevelopment is not completely rigid NOR flexible2Development is always jointly influenced by heredity and environmentNature vs nurture againIts now thought of as an interaction between the two instead of just one or anotherMajor goal is to figure out how they BOTH work in a childs development3Children influence their own developmentWhat role do parents have in deciding how to parentKids behaviour influences how parents respond to themDifferent siblings are often parented differentlyWhat role do kids havePassive they are the product of the environmentActive they influence their own development based on individual characteristicsChildren influence their environment which influences them bidirectional4Development in different domains is connectedResearch is directed at specific issues not the whole child research is narrowDevelopment in different domains is kids lives is always connectedSeeing connections is important14 Doing ResearchResearch looks at a lot of different areasWhat happenschanges WhyMain stepsSelect issueabilityquestion to be addressedForm hypothesisCollect data based on researchMake a theory1Measurment in child development researchaSystematic observation
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