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Developmental Psychology-ch. 1 modules 1.1/1.2.docx

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Carleton University
PSYC 2500
Deepthi Kamawar

Developmental PsychologyThe Science of Child Development11Setting the StageLong history of child developmentMaximize our understanding of developmentHelp children Goes back over 2000 years to PlatoHe believed children are born with innate knowledge of the world We know what perfect circles look like without ever having seen one Our senses are fallibleAristotle believed that knowledge comes from experience empirical evidenceEnlightenment eraJohn Locke and his idea of the tabula rasa or blank slateJeanJacques Rousseau believed that were born with an innate sense of justice and moralityNature vs nurtureArgument is still not fully resolvedWe now ask to what extent each concept influences people instead of asking which one is trueIndustrial RevolutionWellbeing of children is a national concernWorking in factories was turning out to be bad for kidsDarwin got everyone excited about the behaviour and development of children as well as the changes over timeBaby biographies people wrote notes about their children and their behaviourChild development research now used to promote healthy developmentApplied developmental science uses research to help vulnerable children and familiesNew organisations Society for Research in Child Development12Foundational Theories5 theories that differ but all account for development A theory is a set of ideas designed to explain and make predictions1Early Biological PerspectiveDetermined primarily by biological forcesMaturational theoryReflects natural unfolding of prearranged biological planExperience doesnt matterAbilities are expected to emerge spontaneously
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