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Chris Motz

Lecture 1 Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - personality permeates into other fields but also affects our lives (we all get a lifetime of experience with it) - science underlying it, research, next questions - some of this week’s info will be fundamental- will carry throughout the whole course - as we define personality, we realise how muddy it is - we’ll get the final exam essay question in advance, we’ll go through it point by point—about a month in advance - we’ll talk about the optional essay in lots of detail next class, to make informed decision - questionnaires- as we go through content, these make it meaningful- one of main ways to do personality research - Separated week by week, fill one out each week. Gives you results and meaning, we discuss the stuff in class. They’re optional. - Online study sessions in chat room of WebCT - E-mail of WebCT only for rare instance in which professor needs to contact student. But it’s a really bad system. - Online submission of optional essay—it’s a two-step process. Add as attachment, then submit. - there are lots of ways to describe a person’s personality o describes different behaviours, emotional states, cognitive states (components of personality) o a number of different factors/forces that shape personality o we want some theory/organization for them all - Grand theory of personality- tries to sum up personality in one large theory—tries to account for all behaviour (thoughts, actions, etc.) in one theory - Contemporary research examines one segment of the whole - Grand theories try to work at the human nature—“we are all __” o Historical approach o But we do still have modern grand theories o At Freud’s time, didn’t have a lot of psychological information about how people work—he started his ps
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