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Personality Psychology Class 2.odt

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PSYC 2600
Elizabeth Nisbet

PersonalityClass 2January 10 2012Sources of personality dataSelf Report Data sdataInformation provided by a person such as through a survey or interviewIndividuals have access to a wealth of information about themselves that is inaccessible to anyone else Cant always be reliable because the individual may be dishonest or may not understand the question Experience Sampling studying day to day experiences over larger period of timeObserver Report Data odataInformation provided by someone else about another personProvide access to information not attainable through other sourcesMultiple observers can be used to assess a person Often in better position to observe targets natural behaviours than professional personality assessorsAllows for assessment of multiple social personalities because of relationship to target however observer may be biasNaturalistic observation Observers witness and record events that occur in the normal course of lives of the participants realism but no control Artificial observation Occurs in artificial settings or situations control but sacrifice realismTestdata T dataInformation provided by standardized tests or testing situationIdea is to see if dif
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