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PSYC 2600
Elizabeth Nisbet

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Personality PsychologyClass 13The CognitiveExperiential DomainMarch 6 2012Cognitive Approaches to Personality Cognition awareness and thinking specific mental acts such as perceiving interpreting remembering believing anticipating Differences in how people process informationCognitiveExperiential Domain Three levels of cognition of interest to personality psychologists 1 Perception Process of imposing order on information received by our sense organs 2 Interpretation Process of making sense of or explaining events in the world 3 Beliefs and desires Standards and goals people develop for evaluating themselves and others Fourth cognitive domain of interest IntelligencePersonality Revealed Through Perception Field DependenceIndependence Pain Tolerance and Sensation ReducingAugmentingField DependenceIndependence Field independent relative to field dependent people have the ability to focus on details despite the clutter of background information Measures used to assess fielddependence Embedded Figures Test EFTRod and Frame Test RFT Differences r
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