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Lecture 2

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PSYC 2600
Chris Motz

Lecture2 Describe and provide examples of the four sources of data discuss strengthsweaknesses possible links between them How do we evaluate Personality measures reliability validity generalizability How do we conduct researchWhat are the strengthsweaknesses of each method TheoryHypothesesResearch questions are translated into testable hypothesesA theory is a set of statements designed to explain how the world worksA hypothesis is a statement of what you think should happened in your experimentResearch in Psychology Three types of Scientific ResearchCase StudiesCorrelational studies observationmeasurement without manipulationExperimental research Experience SamplingSdataBut creating something similar to LdataFor example pager studies Designing an Experiment Variablessomething that can varyThis can refer to traits that each person can exhibit to a different level ie traits such as selfconcept are generally considered to be fairly stable but will be different from one person to the nextThis can also refer to characteristics that can fluctuate ie emotions such as happiness Designing an Experiment Independent variable IVin an experimental design this is the variable that is actively manipulated by the researcher Dependent variable DVin an experimental design this is the variable that is measuredThe value of the dependent variable is usually considered to be dependent upon the independent variable In a correlational design we do not have an IV and DV but our variables may be referred to as the predictor variable and the outcome variable Designing an Experiment Operational Definitionwhen designing a study or an experiment we need to clearly define the variables in which we are interestedWe also need to clearly define how we are going to measure these variables Sources of Personality Data SelfReport Data SData ObserverReport Data ODataTestData TDataLifeOutcome Data LData SDataBenefits
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