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PSYC 2600
Chris Motz

Chapter 1 Understand the definition of personality Why do we generally no longer propose grand theories Develop examples of how personality is understood from each of the six domains of knowledge Be able to explain the nature of theory and its role in research ie how does it differ from belief Goals for our course Two sets of goals 1 Psychology MajorsSharing my passion for understanding peopleGetting you to think like a Personality PsychologistPreparation for advanced courses in Psychology th Preparation for 4 year thesis projectAn understanding of Personality becomes foundational to almost every other branch of Psychology 2NonPsychology PeopleSharing my passion for understanding peopleRecruitmentAn appreciation for the many ways that Personality can help us to understand ourselves and the world around usDevelopment of critical thinking and information literacy skills that apply across disciplines Course OutlineWeb siteCourse Outline available on our course web sitewe are saving trees by not printing these out your grandchildren will thank you Read about the various components of the courseknow the deadlines ie Essay Midterm Final Examthe Personality Questionnaires and GradeRaising Option Instructor
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