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Kathleen Hughes

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 20, 000 personality traits in English language  Personality-Set of psychological traits and mechanisms in a person, influences interactions with environment (intrapsychic, physical, emotional)  Psychological Trait-We al examine traits in our daily lives, helps to categorize people  Mechanisms-How traits are used (Attention bias-sensitivity to detail; interpretation bias-thoughts; response bias-behaviour)  Personality traits are ‘organized’, we are complex, but everything fits. They are ‘relatively enduring’, meaning it represents average tendencies, worried once isn’t the person. They also influence (flirty=more romance). They influence interaction=selection (choosing what we do)  Levels of personality analysis: Human nature (need for love); individual and group differences (traits which identify group); individual uniqueness  Theories of personality: Freuds psychoanalytic theory-Try to account for fundamental psychological processes, statements about universal core of human nature. o Contemporary research in personality-Specializes in particular traits (introverts); specializes a particular domain (biological) Little pieces of the bigger puzzle; how to organize ‘little pieces’; Main questions of traits: How many traits, how are they organized, what are the origins, what are the correlations/consequences  Non-domains of personality research: What is NOT personality research. Beliefs (birth order, astrology), barnum statement (ie fortune cookie) Types of Data:  Self Report Data-Survey/Interview. Innermind and feelings, formats (check all which apply, likert scale) Needs honesty and self-knowledge  Observer-report data (o-data)-Multiple ob
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