PSYC 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Learned Helplessness, Field Dependence, Personal Construct Theory

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PSYC 2600
March 6
-perception can happen with all senses
-beliefs and desires also include our motivation
Field dependence
-rod and frame test: glowing rod that can be shifted in different way. Objective is to make rod as
perpendicular to the room as it can be. There is also a glowing square around the rod which is not well
aligned. The chair being sat on can also tilt a bit.
-more dependent you are on other cues, the more the square will impact your alignment
-the more independent you are the more the chair will affect your alignment
-embedded figures test: finding smaller items within a larger pictures.
-lots of info in certain setting
Pain tolerance
-cold presser task: bucket of cold water. Subject told to put arm in water and told to take it out when it
hurts too much
Personality Revealed through interpretation
-we all want to understand environment we are in.
-personal constructs: a grouping of info so that we can make sense of social surroundings. Bi polar
terms. Ex: Classify someone as tall or short.
Kelly’s personal construct
-fundamental: behaviour is influenced on how you anticipate the world around you. And how you
anticipate things is related to how you classify people.
Locus of Control
-internal: lower risk of obesity. Complete degrees in timely manner. Better credit ratings. More in charge
Learned helplessness
-electrocuted floor. Dog tries to get way. After awhile dog realizes it cant escape and passively accepts
-if the same dog is put in a room with a small barrier which on the other side isn’t electrocuted, they
don’t jump over the barrier
-for humans: they must complete a task with a loud noise playing, if they solve it loud noise will stop.
Problem isn’t solvable.
-If same person is put in another room to solve problem with no noise, less effort will be given since
they will be believe they wont be able to do it.
-people who are prone to this usually think things are stable and global. If something negative happens
they usually self blame
Personality projects analysis
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find more resources at
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