PSYC 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Assortative Mating, Selective School, David Buss

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16 Aug 2016
Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
PSYC 2600 – Personality and Social Interaction
3 Mechanisms of Social Interaction: *diagram in lecture slide*
-Personality interacts w/ situations in 3 ways:
oSelection, evocation, manipulation
-Personality characteristics of others influence whether we select them as friends, dates, or
-Our personality characteristics play role in kinds of situations we select to enter & stay in
Personality Characteristics Desired in a Marriage Partner:
-Mutual attraction/love = most favoured characteristic
-Beyond love, top choices were personality characteristics (dependable character,
emotional stability, pleasing disposition)
Assortative Mating for Personality: The Search for the Similar
-Assortative mating: ppl married to ppl who are similar to themselves
-Couples show positive correlation on variety of features, both physical (e.g., height,
earlobe length) & personality traits
-Are these positive correlations caused by active selection of mates who are similar, or by-
products of others causes (e.g., sheer proximity)?
-Botwin et al. (1996) studied dating & married couples
oCorrelated preferences for Big 5 personality characteristics desired in potential
mate, & person’s own personality characteristics
oCorrelations = consistently positive: positive correlations b/w own personality &
ideal partner personality are due in part to direct social preferences based on
personality characteristics of those doing the selecting
-Do this translate to actually getting type of mate you want & being happy w/ who you
Do People Get the Mates They Want?
-Botwin et al. (1997): correlations b/w preferences for ideal personality characteristics in a
mate & actual personality characteristics of obtained mate
find more resources at
find more resources at
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