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Lecture 9

PSYC 2700 Lecture 9: Everyday Memory: Memory Traces & Memory Schemas

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PSYC 2700
Jordan Richard Schoenherr

PSYC 2700 Everyday Memory: Memory Traces Memory Schemas *All content belongs to Jordan Richard Schoenherr where cited in lecture slides* General Properties of Memory: How can we conceptualize memory? o Memory based on recall of memory traces Distinct, permanent copies of previous experiences Recall Logans theory of automatization o Memory = schematic Relies on fragments to support new construction Recall prototypical representations from perceptual theories General properties: o Selection subset of info selected from whats perceived whats recalled Ex. The whale swims in the ocean. o Abstraction info recalled in gist form Ex. Whale, swims o Interpretation info used to make inference, those inferences encoded Ex. Whale is an aquatic animal. o Integration meaning = abstract from event to form coherent whole Ex. Whale is a fish. Flashbulb Memory: Some events seem to be particularly memorable o Ice Storm (1998) o 911 (2001), Ottawa Shooting (2014) o BA Graduation (TBD), Marriage (TBD) Brown Kulick (1977) called these kind of memories flashbulb memories; suggested that special mechanism was responsible for their memorability Whats Special about Flashbulb Memory? (*diagram in lecture slide*) Characteristics of flashbulb memories (Brown Kulick, 1977) o Often emotional significance attached to memories (consequentiality) Having importance consequences for person) o Remembered for long periods of time o Memories vivid detailed Flashbulb Memory: Are they created by special mechanisms? Are they even all that special in amount of detail remembered? Is there flashbulb memory mechanism? o Later studies by McCloskey colleagues found: memories for space shuttle Challenger explosion changed over 9month period
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