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Lecture 4

Part 1: Lecture 4 Notes

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Carleton University
PSYC 2700
Chris Herdman

Lecture #4 Outline I) Visual Attention a. Space-based visual attention b. Object-based visual attention II) Divided attention a. Resource theory b. Automaticity I) Visual attention a. Space-based attention i. Direction of visual attention can be separated from direction of gaze 1. Endogenous: internal/intentional 2. Exogenous: drawn by external cue ii. Direction of attention can influence our perceptions 1. Example: line demo  Spotlight metaphor: o Visual attention as a “spotlight” o Spotlight focused (endo or exo) on locations in space  Spotlight facilitates processing of information at the attended location  Information at unattended locations is inhibited o Why space-based attention?  Exogenous cue  Draw attention to potentially important events in space  Endogenous  Place attention according to expectancy b. Object-based i. Attention is placed on objects 1. Within-object processing is more efficient (faster, more accurate) than across-object processing  Lavie & Driver (1996) o Line (object) study o See demo trials on slides o Faster to stimuli on same “object” (line) o “object” effect  Why object-based attention? o Major goal of vision is to identify objects  SUMMARY o Visual attention is both space-based and object-based  Space-based: orients processing to locations  Exogenously or endogenously  Object-based: orients processing to objects
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