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PSYC 2700
Chris Herdman

Cognitive ScienceHistorical context Ch1ARoots in philosophyCognitive psychologyInformation from the outside world flows through our system we want to look at how all that worksMemory structures in an abstract wayRestrictions in the flow of information Our processing is limited We can only do so much at a timeLook at it through a philosophical view logic and argumentationLook at it through psychological view empirical approachSending mail in the 1700s was hard because people were illiterate and only saw squigglies Mind processes help us to know how to read words and form words this lettersPlatoGreek philosopher and student of SocratesHad a theory of formsWe do not perceive the real world but an image of itStructures of knowledge exist in the mindWe are born with innate knowledge of the worldStructures reflect specific representations of the physical worldCoding was not consideredAristotleMore active view of the mindThe mind is a blank slate Lockes Tabula RasaWe populate the blank slate through experience not by innate knowledgeHow and what we experience influences what is drawn on the slateAssociationsSensationsIdeas and images that we formKnowledge and experience can actually change what we perceive nextBig step that was lost for a whileEmpiricismObservation is the basis of all scienceBritish empiricistsPhilosophers who adopted Aristotles view waaaay laterJS Mill John Mill
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