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Lecture 4

PSYC 2700 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: George Metesky, Offender Profiling, Sex Offender

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PSYC 2700
Rebecca Mugford

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Forensic Psych Lecture 3
Offender Profiling/ Geographic Profiling
Offender profiling
A technique for identifying the personality and behavioural features of an
offender based on an analysis of the crimes he/she has committed
Now sometimes reffered to as a Behavioural Investigative Advior
Jack the Riper
George Metesky- Mad Bomber- Red jacket
Robert Ressler -developed main method
John Douglas- We use his Definition, main character in Silence of the
Lambs is based on him
Roy Hazelwood-Specialized in violent serial rape
RCMP-Behavioral Sciences Branch
oResponsible for Offender Profiling, Geographic Profiling, Truth
Verification, ViCLASS, National Sex Offender Registry
oViCLASS-database for serious interpersonal crime committed
Look for serial criminals in Canada
oCame into being because of Clifford Olson who committed
crimes in many different jurisdictions. The police didn’t have a
way to connect the crimes. They were linkage blind.
oSex Offender Registry- USA Problem:
Information is public in US, some people hunt them out
and kill them
oOnly 10 profilers employed by RCMP
Suspect prioritization
New lines of enquiry
Interview strategies
Predict dangerousness
Flush out offender
oHow it a Profile Constructed
Only equation people had for a while
What + Why=Who
Doesn’t highlight irrelevant components of the crime
Primary approach in UK
Statistical approach-matching data with other cases
Uses databases
Profile ends up looking diferent than a Deductive profile
Results in a list of Probabilities
o80% of serial killers who attack people in parking lots are white
Deduction –Holmesian approach
Using evidence purely from that offender
Victim is mutilated but little blood at the scene logically she was not
killed at the scene logically the offender is mobile can’t walk with a
bodyoffender has access to a car if they have a car and weren’t caught
they must be high functioning
Specific Models
Organized/disorganized model-Designed by Hazelwood and Douglas
oInterviewed serial sexual homicide offenders
oAn organized crim could indicate and organized person
oDisorganized-Impulsive, disturbed, mentally ill
oOrganized Disorganized Examples were cherry picked
Disorganized: Ed Geen-grave robber. Inspiration for
Psycho, buffalo bill and leatherface
Organized-Ted Bundy
Theoretical underpinnings
Based on the outdated Classic Trait Model. Implies people behave the
same way all the time and their behaviour can be predictive. Doesn’t
factor interests, emotions or varied environments
Prevalence of “mixed” crime scenes
Rarely is a crime distinctly organized or disorganized
Too simplistic to capture the complexity of human behaviour
Ambiguous advice
Many statements are ambiguous, not all though
Barnum effect
ofinding personal meaning in vague statements that could apply to
many people
oStudy: (Alison et al., 2003)
Crime scene details
Offender profile
Suspect description (genuine/bogus)
Accuracy ratings
Myth of the expert
Profilers are no better than bartenders at profiling
Geographic Profiling
oVery Accurate, Very useful, unlike offender profiling
Inferring residence of offender
oStuart Kind
Forensic scientist for the UK Home Office
Called in as a consultant to the Yorkshire Ripper case
Murders of girls and women occurring between 1975 and 1980
oUnderlying processes and principles
Offenders tend to live within a circle defined by a diameter that it dictated by the
two farthest crimes
Offenders tend to live within a circle defined by a diameter that it dictated by the
two farthest crimes
Mauraders fit above statements really well
Commuters leave home to commit crimes
Prioritizes suspects, or prioritizes areas to canvas looking for information
about offender
Cheaper alternative
Snook Carter & Bennell
oHeuristics work similarly to Dragnet
oBut Dragnet is still the best because it is reliable
oKnow what offender profiling is
oBe very familiar with inductive and deductive profiling
Don’t need to remember OrgDisorg characteristics
oKnow all criticisms
oKnow Circle Hypothesis, Distance Decay, Commuter, Maurauder