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Week 8 Practice Questions - ANOVA calculations.pdf

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PSYC 3000
Deanna C Whelan

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Week 8 Practice Questions – ANOVA Calculations For questions 1-5, indicate whether the statement is a) True or b) False. 1. The between estimate of population variance is only accurate when the null hypothesis is true. 2. For a 1-way ANOVA with 5 treatment levels and 15 observations at each level, dfTotals 74. 3. SS Withins the sum of squared deviations of individual observations from the grand mean. 4. The larger MS Betweens, the smaller the F value will be. 5. If the result of a 1-way ANOVA is “F(5, 60) = 4.94, p = .0046”, then N = 66. 6. Which of the columns in an ANOVA results table is solely determined by the experimental design and not by the experimental results? a) SS b) MS c) F d) df 7. Suppose you have a research design with k = 5 and n = 20. How many squared terms are k n 2 SSTotal  X ji  added together to calculate j1 i1 ? a) 25 b) 20 c) 100 d) 50 8. In an ANOVA design with k=6, and n=15; if MS = 50 and MS = 2 what is the Between Within value of SSTotal a) 52 b) 418 c) 100 d) 48 9. What is the F-ratio for the previous question? a) 25 b) 100 c) 52 d) 48 Use the following information to answer questions 10 and 11 The following data portray part of the results of an experiment on study habits and midterm marks in an introductory psychology course (missing values are indicated by dots). The mean midterm marks in the different conditions are shown along the bottom and the value of the grand mean is a mark of 81.33 (out of 100). Alone With a friend in-person With a friend online 68.50 95.00 81.95 72.75 87.65 77.35 72.00 88.25 79.00
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