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Conducting an interview

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Carleton University
PSYC 3100

January 27, 2014 [W3] Presentation - Combine the results and discussion - Talk about future research and limitations - Have someone wrap up the entire project – Summary - Try to combine everyone’s papers together QualitativeAnalysis - ‘Going to the gym’– what its like? o Aprocess developing over time - Focus on something a little bit more broad – not so group oriented Exercise 3 - Use all 5 senses - Want people to be able to re-live the experience Interviewing II Interview Guide Consent form - “Warming up questions” o Sub-questions o Want to build confidence here – ask questions that everyone can answer  E.g. why did you choose to participate in the study? - General Questions (approx. 4 of these) o Sub-questions – use probes or follow-ups  Textured nuance from the participant - Wrapping up questions o If the interview is distressing, ask ‘silver lining’questions  E.g. Did anything good come from this? Is there anything you want to ask me? o Informs the interview that you are closing now - Closing activities o Debrief, payment (& receipt), etc. **You also need to prepare these for ethics Make sure that you get enough information about what it means to the participant so that you can stand in the participant’s shoes - Always explain things to participants – e.g. inform them you are holding an interview guide - Exploring an example is a good and subtle way to gather more information Things to Do Before andAfter the Interview - AFacesheet and Post-interview form – two things that need to be approved by ethics o The participant’s pseudo name, interviewers name, date, location, additional background information about the participant o Don’t put information that you really don’t need – e.g. ethnicity and place of birth may not be relevant o AFacesheet goes at the beginning of your transcript  Easy to complete – usually fill it out first  Make sure to explain it to your participants  Complete whatever you can before the interview - At the end of the interview, ask if you can contact them for further information, if need be, and report whether or not you did a follow-up Checklist - Tape recorder o Extension chord or batteries for the tape recorder - Facesheet and Interview Guide - Consent and Debriefing forms - Form for them to sign that they received compensation for participating - Information sheets about the study (more than one) – for friends After the Interview - Complete a Post-Interview Form o Emotional reactions of both the participant and the interviewer o Strengths and weaknesses from the interview o Physical characteristic
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