PSYC 3307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Partial Seizure, Wada Test, Neurosurgery

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2 Aug 2016
JAN 14
-neurochemistry for signalling is different for both neurons
-spiny use glutamate neurotransmitter and excitatory
-non spiny are inhibitory and utilize gaba as neurotransmitter resulting in IPSB.
Interfering with cortical function
-migraine: women suffer more than men. Can be caused be wing in outside temperature due to
difference in pressure. Some have an aura.
-causes random action potential firing in localized region of cortex. This uses up a lot of glucose. Creates
a post ictal state which creates confusion and fatigue.
-epilepsy are in temporal lobe. Caused by spreading depression. AP’s in one region because AP’s in
nearby region. Jacksonian seizure is one of motor strip.
-migrain is spreading depression in non-motoric regions.
-neurosurgery: not done on humans unless therapeutic advantage is gained
-Wada test: performs localized spreading depression to find out where a patients language functioning is
before neurosurgery is done to prevent future epilepsy.
Spreading depression
-spreading depression moves in one direction since the area “behind” it has run out of glucose.
-spreading depression in frontal lobe would cause confusion, flat affect, synesthesia, disinhibition etc.
-spreading depressions are not permanent. Advantage from neuro perspective is you can compare
between normal condition and during spreading depression
Brain connectivity
-connectivity of brain is something that continues to elude science
-“white matter”
-short distances means don’t need myelin. Cortex looks grey because they’re barely any lipids. Myelin is
composed entirely of fat since it’s a good electrical insulator.
Stained picture of pyramidal cell
-when dye is injected into cell body you can cause cell to create action potential and the dye is
propagated across the entire cell.
-occipital cortex contains more neurons and density than the rest of the brain. So twice as metabolically
Cortico Cortical Tracts
-pain receptors are carried in unmyelinated fibres.
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