PSYC 3307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Frontal Lobe, Temporal Lobe, Aphasia

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2 Aug 2016
PSYC 3307
Feb 09
Read Ch8
-lots of what we know about language is due to studies of patients with strokes
Brain lateralization
-aphasic patient is someone who can speak but doesn’t speak properly
Neurology of Language Disorder
-Broca’s area damage can have contra lateral paralysis
-stroke that is result of clot (thrombosis) can be cured bya specific enzyme that breaks down clot.
Rehabilitation is often very quick for this type of stroke.
-Broca’s area is in posterior convolution of frontal lobe.
Neuro approach to language
-wernicke’s area is near occipital, parietal and temporal lobe
Summary of symptoms
-aprosodia is more often associated to damage to right hemisphere.
Classification of aphasia
-need to have knowledge of premorbid state to be able to compare past behaviour with current.
-nonfluent: very emotional. Know what they want to say, but they can’t figure out how to say it
-fluent: don’t act surprise that they’re speech is incoherent.
Broca’s aphasia
-use of telegraphic speech,
-difficulty repeating complicated words
-blue area is the damaged area (left hemisphere). Primary motor strip and secondary motor strip.
Damage to the arterial supply the middle artery.
Fluent aphasia (Wernicke)
-There are different levels of aphasia. Each patients has different severity of symptoms
-usually either mild or sever
-includes neologism
-difficult to understand what the patient is trying to say.
-recovery is done through therapy but also happens spontaneously. The recovery is somewhat slow and
hard to predict.
-associate to temporal lobe and near Herschl’s gyrus
-blue region is often hard to distinguish
-possibility of losing a language if you are a bilingual.
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