PSYC 3307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Inferior Temporal Gyrus, Occipital Lobe, Frontal Lobe

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2 Aug 2016
PSYC 3307
Jan 19
Read ch 7 of pinel and Edwards
Association fibers
-cingulum is latin for belt. It follows the corpus colossus
-diffusion tractometry helped learn
Uncinate fasciculus
-shown in green
-hook shaped
-make synaptic connections with olfactory lobe
-seizures in this region results in smells.
-SLF: superior legonditudninal fasciculus. Has a vertical/longitudinal structure. Connects temporal to
posterior parietal lobe. Then goes to frontal lobe
-AF: arcuriate fasciculus. Goes from temporal
-ILF:Inferior longitudinal fasciculus
-these images are computed with diffusion of water, which is detected by MRI. All have axons that course
in same direction.
Cingulum or cingulate fasciculus
-cingulum is associated with perception of pain, emotional connections to pain.
Superior longitudinal fasciculus
-numbers don’t have any quantitative meaning.
-letters are used for the parietal lobe
-connects pre motor cortex to parietal
-connects receptors areas of speech to productive areas of speech
-damage causes aphasia
Inferior longitudinal fasciculus
-occipital (primary, secondary and tertiary) to inferior temporal cortex
Perpendicular fasciculus
-Color coated MRI images
-each of theses fasciculus has its own water shed region where veins supply and remove waste.
Occipitofrontal fasciculus
-occipital cortex to frontal cortex
-frontal lobe contain mirror neurons which have something to do with observational learning
-arch like structure.
Hippocampus to mammillary body
-in limbic system
Arcurate fasciculus
-MLF middle longitudinal fasc
-establishing cut off of temporal and occipital lobe is very difficult
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find more resources at
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