PSYC 3307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Cochlear Implant, Auditory Cortex, Hear Music

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2 Aug 2016
PSYC 3307
Mar 11
Gardner’s multidimensional intelligence concept
-7 dimensions of intelligence
-first time music was introduced in general intelligence
Brain regions associated with perception of music
-differ from linguistic or visual spatial capacity
-music is like language, we understand it and the production of music.
-we have ability to receive and produce it.
-not same as language however, they are common.
-possible to suffer stroke which impairs speech but not singing.
-ability to differentiate pitch and frequency
-pitch varies with logarithm of frequency. When you double frequency you increase pitch
-people who have cochlear implants do not hear music the same way. It doesn’t recreate a continuum of
-surgical technique includes inserting devices in head to computer that is mounted on belt the sizes of
-ability to recognize pitch requires cochlea and intact superior temporal gyrus
-damage to Secondary auditory cortex can prevent you from recognizing melodies
-phonological loop is about 14-20 sec. you can store auditory memories for this long. Music is a property
of the brain.
-damage to right cerebellum reduces ability to maintain rhythm
-Tonality is ability oto recognize intrumentaiton making the music. Two components called style and
-timbral properties of sound are carried about 35ms at the beginning of the sound. If you don’t hear the
beginning of this sound you will have difficulty discriminating what instruments are playing.
-superior temporal sulci is involved because of role in hearing
-We don’t get more neurons as we get older. The synaptic connectivity improves over time
-When you learn new skill, it is exhausting. After experience, glucose level activity associated with that
motoric movement becomes more efficient.
Music Perception and Cognition
-music perception and style recognition occur in first few seconds of the piece
-with experience perception becomes increased
-it is quicker to recognize auditory style than linguistic style because linguistics are more redundant.
Absolute pitch
-ability to write down what note you just heard.
-visual equivalent is memory color. Which is regressive.
Does music make you smarter?
-can in short term help visual and visuo spatial skills.
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