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Youth Offenders.pdf

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PSYC 3402
Julie Dempsey

PSYC 3402Criminal Behaviour Julie Dempsey LECTURE 6 27022012 Beginning of Final Exam Material GUEST LECTUREJennifer PettaliaJuvenile Offending Jbarret3connectcarletoncaYouth Vs Adults12 the child and family services act applies1218 the youth justice act18 Canadian Criminal CodePiagetDevelopmental Psychologistformal operations stage beginning to think abstractlyElkindIdentified a few areas where adolescents differ from adults in their thought processes 1218ArgumentativenessIndecisiveness New choices defining self Finding fault with authority figuresrealization that parents may not always be right Apparent hypocrisySelfconsciousnessAssumption of invulnerability Eriksonstages of developmentIdentity vs identity confusion is the big stage during adolescentsthe quest to find themselvesmay stray from the social norms Moral ReasoningKohlbergpresented children with a moral question and would be able to determine where the child fell on the moral reasoning spectrum based on their answers Questions were of the morally grey areafound that there were two stages of moral reasoningPreconventional410 years respond to external rules and behaviour is based off of reward and punishmentConventional 1013 years old internalized social conventions of authority figures some people do not move beyond thisPostconventionaldevelops in adult hood if this level is reached 1PageBrandon Pasion
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