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Carleton University
PSYC 3402
Julie Dempsey

Violent OffendersSerial Homicide A Psychological ProleDenitionsViolence aggression that has extreme harm as its goal eg deathAnderson and BushmanNot consistent in how its dened especially in literatureOverlap between violence and aggression but there are key distinguishing featuresAggression immediate and acknowledged harm towards targetViolence aggression at the extreme end of the spectrum such as deathoTwo types of violenceHostile retaliatory aggressionInstrumental goaloriented or predatory aggressionHowever ex ROBBERY violence or aggression in order to achieve material goodsConsensus on conceptualizing violence and aggression on a continuumPrevalence of Violence18 criminal incidents in Canada are violentOverall violent crime rate is decreasingRates of violent victimization similar for males and femalesViolent recidivism less frequent most likely due to sentencingMales more likely victims of nonsexual violence where as females are more likely to be victims of sexual violenceViolent crimes often committed by someone the victim knowsYoung adults are at more risk for being victims of violence because they engage in riskier activities scenes social settings etcTheoriesSocial learningviolence more rewarding dooSuggests violent behaviour is learned through social learning processes However engagement in violent behaviour is believed to be the result of perceiving rewards of violent behaviours and expected outcomes Ex an individual perceives violence is the best way to achieve goals and meet needsEvolutionaryVern Quinsey oSelective forces in ancestral environments ex genesoAn author of the VRAGoPurposes that violence and aggression are biological predispositionsoThree types of violent offendersYoung Men Have few resources may be weaker and thus less ability to attain a mate So they engage in violent behavior to attain a mate As they move into adulthood the violent behaviour desists because they acquire other means These offenders are shortterm but are the most commonoCompletely Disadvantaged Men Throughout their lives they are at a disadvantage to attract a mate either as a result of a physical or mental disability These offenders often continue in violent offending thus lifecourse persistent offendersoPsychopaths Engage in violent or aggressive behaviour not out of need but rather out of desire They are not necessarily at any disadvantage They are another lifecourse persistent offenderGeneral AggressionModel GAMsituational and personal cognitive arousal and emotion of each situationoAttempts to explain every episode of violent behaviour Examines situational personal traits beliefs gender etc Personal factors are stable and predict three possible reactionsCognitive Interpretation of Events such as hostile thoughts that would increase the likelihood of violenceAffective State the mood one is on ex being in a good mood would take more to engage in violence where as if one is in a bad mood the may be shorttemperedEmotion general emotional responsesTreatment
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