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Carleton University
PSYC 3402
Julie Dempsey

Aboriginal OffendersAboriginal OverRepresentation in the CJSOut of line with general population2006 Census Stats Canada 17 of federal prison inmates are Aboriginal while 30 of the general population are Aboriginalthey should mirror each other rather than have a gapHighest incarcerationserving time in the community in the Prairies1970 break between nonAboriginal offenders NAOs and Aboriginal offenders AOs in recidivism rateincrease among AOs Reasons for OverRepresentation1Higher Aboriginal offending rates yesoRates of violent crimes higher on reserves than rates in the rest of CanadaoMeet the CJS at a young ageoTrevethan et al youth court history adult court history 15 prior adult court appearancesoContact at a much earlier age and extensive encounter with the CJS versus NAOs2Commission by Aboriginal people of the type of offences that are more likely to lead to incarceration yes oMore likely to commit Schedule I offences contact violent sexual vs II drug relatedMore likely to commit offences that will wind you up imprisoned 3CJ policies have differential impact on AOs due to their socioeconomic status yesoFine defaults an offender is required to pay a ne which if they cannot pay they have to serve prison timeRace specic alternativesoLegal aid not receiving the best defenseoEconomically marginalized especially among the Prairie district
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