PSYC 3402 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: White-Collar Crime, Burglary, Corporate Crime

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2 Aug 2016
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PSYC 3402
Feb 4
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-difficult to quantify cost of crime. Courts cost, police, emotional cost, incarceration, mental health, child
and family services etc…
-a lot more non violent crime.
-daytime burglaries are normally done because no one is home
-some burglaries are commercial. Commercial
-people tend to specialize once they do it often. Some only target stores because they don’t feel like
they are victimizing a particular individual or family
-people who specialize in burglary constantly assess for opportunities. Developed skill and conscious
-burglaries normally happen in waves. One area is hit several times in short span of time.
-people normally commit burglaries near their place of residence. That way its not a long way to travel
with stolen goods
-low risk if strategic targets chosen.
-repeat burglars also gain better “street rep”.
-drug of choice for burglars is opiates. Lowers anxiety and opens up senses. Focus narros, pick up on
small cues.
Burglary target selection
-calculated method of burglary. Cost-benefit analysis
-how nice is furniture, garden outside. Attempt to put a price on the house.
-having a dog small or big decreases chance of victimization because of noise
-occupancy cues: lawn mowed, garbage out, car there, lights on
-helps determine if someone’s home.
Vaugn et al
-young versatile: largest proportion. 18-24. Like to slect different targets.
-vagrant: homeless. Break in for money or to stay warm
-secual predators: enter home to victimize a person or steal some of their personal items
-drug oriented: seeking money for drugs or drugs.
Burglary locations
-prefer commercial stores because merchandise is in packaging which makes it easier to carry
Psychological impact
-the impacts on victims.
-loss of control, loss of safety.
-becomes a profession for some.
-thrill seeking for some.
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find more resources at
-kleptomania: compulsion to steal
White collar crime
-occupational crimes: done against government or corporations by perps with higher social status
-corporate crime: done by corporations to advance own interest.
Occupational crime
-not reported because of loss of reputation. For example, if a bank gets defrauded they don’t want to
report it for fear that customers will leave. Investment firms won’t report because their stocks will drop.
Profile – White Collar
-woman traditionally have had less acess to positions that would allow them to commit white collar
-gender imbalance in this field of crime may change with more women in white collar jobs.
-in larg org, the connection to what you’re doing will decline
-Not really sure what your role is and makes it easier to get into cognitive distortion
Human trafficking
-transporting individuals against will or under false pretences and forcing them into a particular line of
work, normally sex work.
-normally passports are confiscated.
-considered economic crime because those in charge of brothels make a lot of money.
-PEERS is a program for sex workers.
-people who a voluntarily there should feel empowered, while those who want to leave should be free
to leave at any point.
-harm reduction has to do with drugs that may play a role in sex work.
Drug Trade
-includes smuggling, trafficking and production
-goes across borders and age groups.
Counterfeit consumers
-Struggle consumer: splurge, cant afford, don’t tell.
-indifferent consumer: not often do tell
-spurious consumer: always buys, doesn’t tell
-liberated consumer: embraces, with peer group
Money laundering
-difficult to buy things with large sums of money. Will set off red flags
-putting illegitimate money into legitimate enterprise. People often use businesses as a way to funnel
illegal money into banks.
-comingling: when businesses hide some illegal money into their declared profits.
-very complicated process
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-Hard for law enforcement to be successful in trying to stop white collar crime. Because the skills
needed to track these kinds of criminal is very high. These individuals normally work in the private sector
due to much higher earnings.
Organized crime
-google all them and get small definition cz prof is useless.
-mortgage fraud: people use other people’s ID to get mortgage. Combination of identity theft.
-these things are tools for orgnaized crime.
-Criminal intelligence service Ontario hires civilians and they have unmarked buildings and vehicles.
-check midterm review online.
-mass marketing fraud: fraud committed via mass communication media using the telephone, mail,
and the Internet. Provisions under the criminal regime of the Competition Act prohibit materially
false or misleading representations made knowingly or recklessly, deceptive telemarketing and
deceptive prize notices.
-looks into money laundering and terrorist financing
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find more resources at