PSYC 3402 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Parole Board

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2 Aug 2016
Jan 7
PSYC 3402
R. v Lavallee for paper
-A lot more inmates within the provincial detention centres than federal.
-Correctional service is biggest employer of psychology grads
-In provincial system there is less emphasis on rehabilitation due to the crimes being less severe.
-psychologists in custody figure out the security risk. Mental health tests etc..
-correctional services have hospitals where they can send inmates to get psychological treatment.
-Parole board of Canada releases inmates based on all information about them during incarceration and
their crime. Need to weigh the danger to public, rehabilitation and reestablishment of a person civil
-people are released on parole in order to create an easier transition into the community. Also, if an
individual is released on parole early the government still has a hold on this person’s various liberties.
They can impose restrictions on them. If they released right at the end of their sentence, the gvmnt has
no bounds on them and there is a higher risk of recidivism
Determinants of Crime
-static factors don’t change.
-dynamic factors are temporary and could influence the causes of a crime.
-independent variables: treatment programs
Risk and need factors
-various types of reoffending: sex related, violence, general.
-the moderate four can destabilise a person and can develop pro criminal aspirations. These four can be
changed much easier than big four.
Psychology of Human Behaviour
-looking at why a person commits a crime there are many factors to keep in mind.
Funnel Plot
find more resources at
find more resources at
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