PSYC 3402 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Ted Kaczynski

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2 Aug 2016
PSYC 3402
Mar 31
Demytholigising terrorism
-Islamic extremism is the biggest threat to national security.
-terrorism is #5 issue for Canadians even though only 2 terrorist events in Canada in last 25 years.
-Reason it is so high is because of media coverage.
-There are more Canadians being radicalized than terrorists migrating here.
-Don’t need to be vulnerable or brainwashed to get involved in terrorism.
-given right set of cirumcstsnaces, charismatic leader and right cause anyone can be radicalized.
-radicalisation might not be a good term to use because the word radical simply means an idea that is on
the fringes of society. Doesn’t necessarily mean bad.
-only a problem when radicalisation embraces violence does it become terrorism.
-act of terrorism under CC: serious act of violence, carried out to effect change, needs to be in line with
-lone wolfs are essentially not a thing
-unabomber was an anarchists who planted bombs in mailboxs.
-Whether an act is a terrorism goes along a spectrum. Depends on intent, goal, motivation etc…
What drives radicalisation?
-factors correlate with terrorism but don’t cause it.
-it is normally a different set of factors based on every individual.
-there is no why or too many why’s.
-it is not mental illness. They are rational within their ideology.
-can’t compare regular suicide with terrorism related suicide.
-no one ever self-radicalises
Shooting on parliament hill
-some in the media claimed mental health issues were a concern,
-group belonging, large movements, lfie of a martyr, fame, greater cause are all “benefits” of terrorism.
Sandy Hook vs Lahore bomb
-same result but very different acts.
-motivations are different and figuring out the motivations will allow to tackle the problem
-we need to understand what the problem is but we need to ask the right questions.
Definition of terrorism
-it varies within each jurisdiction and nation
-if you cant agree on definition how will you know when to share information with other nations or
government actions.
-within a part of radicalised movement there will always be some who think peaceful measures don’t
have effect and violent means will yield more results.
-terrorism was prominent before 9/11, it just took on different forms. Anarchist and Communist
terrorism was more prominent.
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