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PSYC 3403
John Weekes

Motivation Trait or state?  A trait is a relatively enduring personality characteristic.  A state is something that is variable and context dependent Clinical application of motivation Prochaska and Di Clemente’s transtheoretical model of change 1. Pre contemplation 2. Contemplation 3. Preparation 4. Action maintenance 5. Relapse Client presentation is different depending on what stage he is in. The therapist must recognize what stage the client is in and apply different motivational strategies suited for different stages in the transtheoretical model. As severity of substance use problem increases, motivation goes down. So what do we do? Motivational interviewing MI is:  Client centered to the very core  Non-confrontational and was developed in reaction to highly confrontational clinical approaches like hotseating.  Subtly uses clinical skills and strategy to foster a context in which the client engages in self confrontation. The therapist provides feedback, points out descrepancies, and rolls with resistance.  These techniques can be used at any point in the stages of change. FRAMES approach Feedback: Providing feedback to client about the risks and negative consequences of substance abuse. R esponsibility: Emphasize that the client is responsible for his decisions about his drug use. A dvice: Give straightforward advice on modifying drug use M enu: Offer a menu of treatment options. This fosters the client’s involvement in decision making. E mpathy: Be empathetic, respectful, and non-judgmental Self-efficacy: Enhance the client’s belief in their own success in treatment. Enhance their personal effectiveness, not necessarily their self-esteem. You don’t want criminals feeling good about doing crimes. Key motivational interview techniques DARES D evelop discrepancies This is one of the slickest things about motivational in
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