PSYC 3403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Forensic Psychiatry, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Forensic Psychology

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Published on 20 Apr 2013
Carleton University
PSYC 3403
Next Weeks Class is the Last Class
Mental Health and the Law
80-90% of the prison population could probably diagnosed with some of the personality disorders
(anti-social personality disorder)
Fit to Stand Trial
Fit to stand trial: who do not understand what is happening to them in a court room and cannot
participate in their own defense
Idea of malingering*(EXAM): portray insanity: try to look crazy. Almost any personality
inventories used with the forensic population have subscales designed to detect malingering.
Typically look for extreme responses (answering “all the time” response often).
Critical judgements that mental-health professional are asked to make about people accused of crimes
Courts tend to prefer forensic psychiatrists for these scenarios although often a forensic psychologist
would be called as an expert witness
“sane” more of a legal terminology not a medical or psychological term. You cannot communicate a
diagnosis of insanity. It doesn’t exist.
Insanity Defense
NCR not criminally responsible
Inability to reality test (cannot differentiate between reality and delusions or hallucinations or
Insanity defense not used too often. Criteria to use it effectively are fairly stringent.
Usually the judge would determine a psychiatric evaluation should be done
85% determined NCR are sent to mental hospitals (question of insight, severity of illness, type of
crime committed etc)
Tools for predicting who will do what are mediocre at best (similar to suicide)
1 in 100 file insanity pleas and only 26% result in acquittal (not as wide spread as you would think)
Comparison of Public Perceptions of the Insanity Defense
Take home for exam: there is a difference between what actually happens and the public perception
of what happens
Insanity Defense Rules *(EXAM)
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