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Lecture 4

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Carleton University
PSYC 3403
Tarry Ahuja

Lecture 4 Overview - Understanding the “breathalyzer” - “spin-the-bottle” movie Breathalyzer - Indirect measure of BAC • Issue is that it is indirect, because you are not measuring the amount of alcohol in the blood, but rather on their breath - Originally blood samples were taken - Disadvantages of BAC measures: • Invasive (sterilization is an issue) • Painful • Data lag (needs to go to lab) • Costly - EtOH transfers from blood to the alveolar sacs in the lungs - Much like CO e2change • Breath in oxygen, breathe out carbon dioxide - Measurable EtOH is expelled via breath BrAC (breath alcohol concentration) - Can predict BAC from known ratio KNOW HOW TO DO THIS FOR MIDTERM! - Known ratio: if you have .08 BAC, then your BrAC is .02 - Someone takes a breathalyzer and they blow a .03 BrAC - To isolate X BAC, multiply .03 BrAC with .08 BAC - X BAC = .12 Breathalyzer (types of devices) - Three major types: • Breathalyzer  Chemical reaction  color change  Based on degree of color change, can say how much alcohol is in your blood  Indirect measure to calculate BAC • Intoxilyzer  Infrared spectroscopy  Different wavelengths of light (infrared) and based on deflection of light, it can figure out BAC • Alcosensor III or IV  Chemical reaction  Fuel cell Breathalyzer - Comprised of: • Breath acquisition: mouthpiece • Chemical substrates: glass vials  Does the actual a
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