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Lecture 1

PSYC 3405 Lecture 1: Motivation and Emotion

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PSYC 3405
Brenda Baird

Motivation and Emotion (PSYC 3405) 2017 Early Summer Term Sections AT Lectures: TuesThurs 6:058:55 For Broadcast TimesOptions see: http:carleton.cacuol Location: Southam Hall 624 Instructor Dr. Brenda J. Baird email: [email protected] Office: Loeb B540 Tues Thurs 4:005:30 (by appointment) Teaching Assistants [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] The teaching assistants for this course will be marking tests and are additional contact persons for information and advice related to course content and test evaluation. The TAs for this course can be reached via the email addresses provided below, and are available for oneonone consultation by appointment. th Text: Reeve, J. (2015). Understanding Motivation and Emotion (6 Ed.). Wiley. Please refer to the course homepage (CULearn) for purchase options. https:www.vitalsource.comproductsunderstanding motivationandemotionjohnmarshallreevev9781118804568 Course Description: This course is lecture based and will provide a broad survey of the motivational and emotional factors involved in human behavior with an emphasis on the various perspectives and theories pertaining to physiological, cognitive, and social needs. This course addresses key questions about what motivates people, why they feel the way they do, and how one person can motivate
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