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Lecture 6

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Article 6 SummariesIn One Ear and Out the OtherNatalie AngierResearchers who study memorythings like forgetting jokes end up revealing information about the underlying architecture of memoryhuman brain is 3 lbsScott Small neurologist and memory researcher suggests the familiar analogy with computer memory our version of a buffer shortterm working memory of limited scope and fast turnover ratesave button hippocampus in the forebrain is essential for translating shortterm memories into a more permanent form the find function our frontal lobes retrieve saved files to embellish as neededscientists have discovered what really distinguishes the lasting from the transient is how strongly the memory is engraved in the brain and the thickness and complexity of the connections linking large populations of brain cells deeper the memory the more readily and robustly an ensemble of likeminded neurons will fireprocess of memory formation by neuronal entrainment helps explain why some of lifes offerings weasel in easily and then refuse to be spikedMusicMichael Thaut professor of music and neuroscience The brain has a strong propensity to organize information and perception in patterns and music plays into that inclination From an acoustical perspective music is an overstructured l
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