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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Pervasive Development Disorders .doc

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PSYC 3505
Noriyeh Rahbari

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Lecture 14 Pervasive Developmental Disorders What is PDDchronic disabilities attributed to mental or physical impairments or a combination manifested before before age of twenty tworesults in functional limitationsWhat are the types of PDDAutism ADAspergers syndrome ASPDD not otherwise specified PDDNOSRetts syndromeChildhood schizophrenia What is Autism characterized byextreme social withdrawal cognitive impairmentsdeficit in verbal and non verbal communicationresistance to environmental changes abnormal sensory perceptionusually evident before age three What is the Prevalence20 in 10000 Canadians What are the characteristics in Aspergers Syndromedeficiencies in social skillsrepetitive activities and interestshigher intelligence and communication skillsrelative
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