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11 Apr 2012
Lecture 10 Hearing Impairments
What are the major parts of human ear?
Outer ear
Middle ear
What is the severity classifications based on?
hearing acuity and frequency response
are measured in terms of decibels (dB) and hertz (Hz).
What is a decibel?
a unit of intensity or loudness
The number of decibels indicates the degree of loudness.
What does the frequency
The cycles per second or frequency of sounds, hertz (Hz), indicates the pitch of
sound. Most English sounds fall in the range of 500 to 2000 Hz, the speech
What is a common way to classify individuals who are hearing impaired?
by the degree of hearing impairment, whether mild, moderate, severe, or pro-
What do intensity (dB) and sound frequency (Hz) determine?
Measures of loss of sound determine the extent of the hearing impairment.
What is hearing impairment?
a generic term indicating a hearing disability that may range in severity from
mild to profound
What are the hearing impairments subsets?
deaf person
hard of hearing person
What is the definition of deaf?
unsuccessful processing of linguistic information through audition, with or with-
out a hearing aid
what is the definition of hard-of-hearing?
successful processing of linguistic information through audition with the use of a
hearing aid
How do you classify the severity of hearing impairments?
Mild (25-40 dB)= Hard of hearing
Moderate (40-60 dB) =Hard of hearing
Severe (60-90 dB) = Hard of hearing
Profound ( 90 dB or more ) = Deaf
What is the classification of site of loss?
conductive hearing loss
sensorineural hearing loss
What is the classification of time of onset ?
Congenital - present at birth
Adventitious - acquired later in life, pre lingual or post lingual
What is the prevalence of hearing impairment?
5% of school age children have hearing outside the normal limits
What is the etiology of hearing impairments?
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