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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Children Visual Impairment.doc

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PSYC 3505
Noriyeh Rahbari

Lecture 11 Children with vision impairmentsWhat is the assessment for visual acuityability to clearly distinguish forms or discriminate details at a specified distance What is 2020 visioncan see what a normally seeing eye sees at 20 ft Visual impairments has two subtypes what are theyblindness low vision What is blindness defined asas an acuity measure of 20200 or less in the better eye with correction or visual acuity of more than 20200 if the widest diameter of the field of vision subtends an angle no greater than 20 degrees What is low visionpartially sighted individuals are those with a visual acuity greater than 20200 but not greater than 2070 in the better eye after correctionWhat is the classification by Age of OnsetCongenital low vision refers to conditions that are diagnosable at birth or shortly thereafterAdventitious low vision refers to conditions caused by accident or disease some time after birthWhat is the prevale
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