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11 Apr 2012
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Lecture 9 : Gifted and Creative Children
What is Giftedness?
those possessing high abilities in the areas such as intellectual, creative, or spe-
cific academic or leadership ability, or in the performing or visual arts
those require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school
What are 3 important areas that define gifted children?
high intelligence
high creativity
task commitment
Creativity is defined by?
the process of bring new, different and unusual responses to problems
What are the characteristics of creativity?
fluency of idea
flexibility of idea
ability to analyze information
curiosity and insightfulness
ability to blend convergent and divergent thinking
Creativity and Intelligence?
above IQ=120 the correlation between intelligence and creativity disappears
Talent is defined by?
a specific dimension of skill in a certain area
What are the subtypes of giftedness?
Moderately gifted (IQ 130)
HIghly gifted (IQ 145)
Superior (IQ 170)
What is the prevalence of gifted in school-age population?
2% to 5%
What is the prevalence in gifted population?
highly gifted 1 in 1000
Superior 1 in 50000
What are the characteristics of gifted children in academic settings?
internal locus of control
high motivation
likes school
enjoy difficult subjects
understand complex patterns quickly
learn faster, easily, and more than peers
advanced in academic achievement
What are the social and emotional characteristics in gifted children?
emotionally more stable
less prone to neurotic psychotic disorders
better adjusted
more accepted by peers
What are the characteristics in behavior?
tendency towards introversion
perfectionism and need for precision
wide and varied interests
strong self-concept
strong ethical development
struggle with problems associated with adults
What are the characteristics in cognitive?
high level of intellectual ability
use more complex processing strategies
intense intellectual curiosity
exceptional memory
What are the difficulties that gifted children face?
lack of adequate identification procedures
question of reliability and validity of measures for young children
changing IQ scores over time
emerging specific ability
Who are some children that are less likely to be id as gifted?
diverse cultural background
low-income homes
learning or physical disabilities
What are come examples of assessment measures?
teacher referrals
parent referrals
results of intelligence test
individual achievement tests
What are the educational intervention for gifted children?
ability grouping