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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Children with Intellectual disabilities .doc

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Carleton University
PSYC 3505
Noriyeh Rahbari

Chapter 6 Children with intellectual disabilities What is the AAMR definition of intellectual disabilitiessignificant subaverage intellectual functioning deficits in adaptive behavior manifested during the developmental yearsA child is not considered intellectually disabled unless they score below what on a standardized test of mental ability70that is three or more deviation away below the mean What is the AAMR definition of Adaptive behaviorthe degree and efficiency with which an individual meetsThe standardspersonal independence social responsibilityexpected of a particular age group What are some examples if adaptive skillscommunicationself carehealth and safetysocial skillshome living community usefunctional academics What is the AAMRs definition of developmental periodfrom conception to 18th birthdayWhat is the IQ level of mild retardation55 to 70 What is the IQ level of moderate 40 to 55 What is the IQ level of severe25 to 40 What is the IQ level of profoundBelow 25 What is the classification of needs in mild retardationintermittent What is the classification of needs in moderatelimited What is the classification of needs in severeextensiveWhat is the classification of needs in profoundpervasiveWhat are the characteristics of a child with mild mental retardation with an IQ level of 5570no signs of disease of injurymany not id until start school educated in public schools settings
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