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PSYC 3603
Connie K.

Lecture 5 Gender Differences Language Emotions and Pornography1 Gender differences in Language use Verbal and Nonverbal 2 Treatment of Women in Language and its EffectsSpeech Patterns Womens Speech Mens Speech 1 Goal establish and maintain relationships 1 Goal exert control preserve independence and 2 Match experiences show support enhance status 3 Conversation maintenance 2 Show knowledgeskill avoid giving personal info 4 Responsive 3 Conversational dominance interrupt talk more 5 Personal concrete4 Less responsive 6 Tentative 5 More abstract style fewer personal experiences 6 Forceful absolute authoritative Overall men and women talk very similar however there are some differences but some of the above isnt necessarily as different as represented What the Data Shows Tentativenessa Tag Questions a short phrase added to a sentence that turns it into a question ex Its a nice day out isnt it Aires 1996 no consistent gender differences in 20 years of research b Disclaimersphrases such as I may be wrong but Hedges phases such as sort of that weaken or soften a statementCarli 1990 women used more disclaimershedgers than men when in mixedgender groups but not insinglegender groupsIntensifiers adverbs such as very really extremely women use more than men although meaning of this is unclearWomen exaggerate stories more than men Interruptions McMillan et al 1977 Looked at the average number of interruptions per half hour in mixedgender groupsResults Female interruptee Female interrupter 25 Male Interrupter52 Male interruptee Female interrupter09 Male interrupter24 Why Majority of interruptions arent due to show dominance over other but instead are mostly asking for clarification of whatever discussion is taking place
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