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Lecture 2

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PSYC 4402
Craig Bennell

Lecture 1 Causes, categories, and potential moderators of police stress - Causes: • Surveys, observational studies, interviews, focus groups, literature reviews - Categories: • Occupational vs. organizational vs. criminal justice vs. public; acute vs. chronic - Moderators: • Surveys, observational studies, interviews, focus groups, literature reviews • Personality, experience, training, support (family and department) • To know for sure, one would need to statistically analyse stress levels across levels of the moderator - Need to clearly define terms and operationalize them - Can’t really do any of this stuff without engaging with officers Measuring stress - Acute situations • Quick self-reports, surveys, interviews, focus groups  Operational definitions, valid surveys (various forms of validity) • Physiological responses (often in simulations) or hormones  Need to know baselines  Physiological responses (and hormones) may be triggered by things other then stress (physical activity) • Need to be aware of massive individual differences (useful to use demographic surveys) • May be important to assess str
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