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Public Affairs and Policy Management
PAPM 2000
Graeme Auld

Immigration: Important topic within the Canadian context •Issue that is always prominent in Canada unlike other countries •There is a way to see how other countries treat immigrations -> comes from philosophy and how they integrate different peoples in the country Vlasi's Views on immigration •There are diverse countries with different nationalities making up their citizenship and then who are not o Usually are dominate nation with dominant ethnic group •6 philosophies from the most open to the most closed societies •Multiculturalism o There are the multicultural philosophies, multiculturalism is important -> only really Australia and Canada that fully embrace it, embrace diversity and do not change it • We like it o Philosophy of embracing things o May have a common language to communicate with each other, cannot communicate in over 300 languages • Multiculturalism embraces all the other ones and encourages you to speak your language at home • The Canadian and Australian philosophy  Argue that Canada is the purest of pure •America has more of a melting pot philosophy • Encourage people to come to the country • In theory you can keep your own identity, but you have to embrace American ideas • In US they do not encourage this, you must first and foremost American • Do not embrace dual citizenship •Secularism o Focused on religious aspect o Can come into the country, may or may not give citizenship, philosophy is do not bring your religion with you, can practice privately in home, but when it comes to something else, will not embrace any particular religion o Wi
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