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Carleton University
Public Affairs and Policy Management
PAPM 2000
Graeme Auld

Start with economic and social theory Politics • Starts with politics • Polling will often times guide us • Polling dynamics play an important role • Politics will shape the box o Legalizing marijuana o Liberals do it and based on the polls, who gets what History • History will help shape o Nothing like a good crisis to reformulate other people's views o Or a war, every time the Americans have a decision to make, Vietnam will always come up and help shape their policy o In Canada, every time the idea of Constitution, we cringe because we remember Meech Lake, Charlottetown Accord o Economy to any Argentinian are scared by history and the crisis in Argentina, words like IMF, etc. • Will show you how institutions were created in that jurisdiction o Americans had checks and balances because they didn't trust anyone, came from history of fighting the Monarchy o Canada is, by definition "Anti-USA" created every institution that we could and did the opposite Culture: • More than just religion and culture "Governmentality" concept from economists that speaks to the willingness of the population to go along and obey government, accept and have faith in government -> Government mentality o Ex. If placed in a stop light at 2am in the morning, we would stop • Can have implications on their policies • Theory could tell you that things are bad Technology • Will dictate a number of actions • Technology is changing our lives and the ease of information in our government gives us more resources to do our analysis • There is a trade off that information now spreads faster • Allows things like financial crisis to be global • What used to be contained can no longer be contained • Everything can be done right in Canada, if they mess up in Europe or America, it will hit us Resources • Live in an advanced and administratively talented country where we can find expertise, science and technology and we can, from a resource perspective understand and implement policies o Ex. Aruba, they may not have tax experts o Policy options are in fact limited by design o Ex, Jamacia will look to other countries for help • Canada will send Canadians to help them develop policy • Why IMF and WB are important, they send that technical support to help out with policy o Have a limited amount of tax experts so they bring foreigners in • Will dictate what you can and cannot do International
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