RELI 1710 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Pharisees, Henotheism, Sadducees

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9 Sep 2015

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RELI 1710 Lecture (2)
Jewish History
oJews have interacted (intermarrying) with multiple types of people. Ex:
Canaanites, Assyrians, Ethiopians, Greeks, Christian Romans, Muslim
Empires for a very long time
Who Is Jewish?
oIf the mother is Jewish. Equality arising, if father is Jewish as well.
oEthnic Judaism: Lives by the kosher rules, dictated by a culture not
religion. Can look identical as a religious Jew. One is being religious one
is being cultural.
oAvoid using Christian terminology when referring to jewish books.
Biblical Myth
oGenesis I-II : Adam and Eve kicked out of the Garden of Eden. People are
evil so god sends a flood.
oEtiological Myth: Fancy way of saying why things came to be Ex: Why
do we eat?
Biblical Legend
oLegend V.S History – Legend – we have no evidence
oUR: Village that
oAbraham First Patriarch – ALL 3 religions consider him the Hero
oAbraham takes his family and settles in Canaan(present Israel).
oAbraham and Sarah too old to have a baby. Abraham has one with the
oAbraham has Ishmael from Hagar(maid) and Isaac from Sarah(wife).
oSarah kicks Hagar and Ishmael out .
oThe Three Patriarchs : Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
oThe Israelites welcomed in Egypt – 400 years later Government changes
Israelites treated badly.
oFirst baby killed of any Hebrew family. Moses put in a basket picked by a
Egyptian princess
oMoses realizes hes jewish. Gets in a fight and kills someone. Becomes
oLeaves Egypt and marrys. He is called by the Burning Bush.
oBush tells him to free his people. When Moses asks it says “ I am who I
oMoses returns to Pharaoh telling him to free his people , Moses is denied.
oGod sends 10 plagues.
oThe Exodus is the fleeing of the Jewish people from Egypt lead by god.
Associated with Passover celebration.
oIn mount Sinai moses is presented with the commandment by god in
exchange of gods protection.
oMosaic Covenant: Treaty – agreement.
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