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RELI 1731
Angela Sumegi

Oct. 7thand 9 2013 Shamanism  Not everyone who is possessed is an oracle. Some demons possess a body to manifest an illness.  If a good spirit possesses someone, they have the potential to be trained as an oracle.  Being an oracle is not necessarily a full time job.  Many shamans farm and work like others do.  They are very practical. They do not dismiss western medicine.  Some Lhamas will consider mental illnesses as demonic possessions or as a disease  In Western cultures, what may be considered a mental illness (Schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder) may be considered to be a possession in shamanic cultures.  In Christ inanity, possession is regarded as always being demonic. Mid-term info: 1) Short answer questions on the readings 2) Essay question: a) Using as your starting point the Chukchee statement “all that exists lives.” and using concrete examples, write an essay on the shamanic view of human persons, the external world, and the relationship with them. b) Provide a working definition of shamanism. *You’re allowed to bring an outline of your essay (double sided) with quotations but you are required to hand it in with your exam after. Ecstatic Religion  Neutral word for mystical or shamanic views: Trance  “Trance” is defined as a state of dissociation of self  Characterized as lack of voluntary movement  Lewis is not interested in knowing if the person is really in a trance or not.  He is
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