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RELI 2110
Deidre Butler

Studying for midterm 10/16/2013 Lecture vs. Textbook The lecture is the guide to your introduction to Judaism, the text supplements the lecture Use the text to clarify, deepen and reinforce the topics covered in the lecture Types of questions 50 multiple choice: 50 points 12 short answer: 20 points Knowledge questions Example: knowledge question multiple choice Torah could also be known as: a) Tanakh b) Shulhan Arukh c) Mishna but not Gemara d) Tefillin Give an example of a holiday that recalls a historical event. Name the ritual and the correct historical event. (2 points) Application multiple choice A young woman wants to convert to Judaism through a Reform conversion ceremony. In the course of the discussion with the rabbi, it becomes clear that she has been raised Jewish and has a Jewish father. Must she go through the conversion process according to Reform Judaism? a) Yes b) No c) Only if she’s getting married What does it mean to say that Jews think of their history as Sacred history? Give a definition of sacred history and an example of a historical event that illustrates this concept. (2 points) Modernity continued 10/16/2013 “Mary Antin, A Little Jewish Girl in the Russian Pale, 1890” Modernity continued 10/16/2013 illustrates how society viewed Jewish people. Specific negative conditions for Jews: civil disabilities from the modern period. Reforming Judaism as a response to modernity small r reform: social activity which many Jews were involved with big R: denomination pre-Reform Judaism: all traditional enlightenment, etc. comes later th begins with lay Jews, late 18 century lay Jews: not a member of the religious authority—doesn’t start with the rabbis first denomination which appeared in Europe new opportunities to reformulate identity and practice because of the enlightenment, Jews starting to receive some emancipation intellectual and legal opportunities in the context of Christians doing the same thing reforms happening throughout Jewish identity as well as practice Modernity continued 10/16/2013 desire to normalize Jewish worship Orthodox chaotic worship vs. “calm Protestant services” In order to look good to the German neighbours, services want to seem civilized and rational and have decorum In the context of civil disabilities and desiring normalization: nationalism reform leads to disputes between rabbinic authorities economic/class issues the people who are reforming Judaism and become the first Reform Jews in Germany are people who are privileged and educated and likely to be more secular Why is reform possible? Abraham Geiger: Judaism has always evolved -Biblical ideals (especially as expressed by the prophets) are eternal figuring out the essence or core of Judaism: the practices of Judaism are ritualized. Biblical, ethical, moral messages are not only eternal but also universal. -Legitimate areas for reform: Vernacular: local language Liturgy: old-fashioned prayers—context of modern German, French, etc. Inclusive language Sermons: Talmud records some of the earliest sermons, have always been a part of rabbinic Judaism. Protestant services: making the sermon longer and making them more alike to Christian services. Music: German Reform synagogues have organs like in churches. Gender roles: men and women sitting together, issues around what roles women could have in public and private within Judaism. Gender had become a way to attack Judaism in the modern period: response to polemics of that time period. Modernity continued 10/16/2013
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