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Deidre Butler

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Rabbinic Judaism 10/02/2013 Halakha: The Law “The path” “way in which one walks” Obligatory: depending on your age, gender, free/slave, legally competent—disabilities observed fully by Orthodox Jews as binding but religion is practiced in many different ways Individual law or category of law Focus on how a law is derived What is it based on? How to deal with conflicting principles And new situations: people who make the decisions are recognized by the community as being pious and learned. Rabbis have their authority because of who they received their training through Case-based Specific, discussed and debated, principle is explained, decision is made from that discussion Can have different positions in the Talmud that come to different conclusions and they are all maintained We can always go back and have a conversation again Minion: ten men needed when prayers are said Aggadah: non-legal/narration “That which one says or tells” 1/3 of the Talmud Mishnah minimizes, Gemara includes in full Theoretical opinions, ethics, philosophy, history, folklore, theology Ethics of Aggadah inform Halakhic decisions Origins in preaching—introduction to and interpretation of biblical verse before Bible reading More commonly originates in land of Israel The link is through ethics. A lot of the aggadic material is ethical or moral in its focus. These that we get from the stories are exemplary, informing how halakhic decisions are made. Siddur: prayer book Responsa Begins immediately after Talmudic period Question and answer Holocaust Responsa Continues today (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform) Posek: someone who makes legal decisions Pirkei Avot: Sayings of the Fathers/Founders Comes from the Mishna. Hassidic Jews in particular study it every week Completely focused on ethics Social justice, ethical questions Popular, studied, quotes by sages. Wisdom for everyday life. Major themes Areas of
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